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Erin Corlette is a contemporary Australian artist whose current works explores the flora and

landscape of her surroundings. The seasons provide her an endless source of inspiration,

encapsulating the energy, colour and beauty found in nature.

She graduated from the National Art School in 1965, where she majored in Design, Painting

and Sculpture. In 1979, Erin founded and established Corlette Design, a globally recognised

agency which today is positioned as one of Australia’s leading design companies with

offices in Sydney, Singapore, Shanghai and London.

Erin is based in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales, where she has set up her

painting studio. She has collaborated with a talented collective of artists for this exhibition

of ‘Towards Abstraction” at the Soho Gallery

The trees in “Autumn Blaze” and “Weeping Autumn Maple” encapsulate the golden hues of

autumn, capturing the essence of the season with movement and energy.

“Ephemeral Whispers 1 and 2” focus on vibrant blues to reflect the dynamic movement and

transient nature of the clouds.

Weeping Autumn Maple - Erin Corlette

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