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2024 Winners



Madeline Ryan - Leap of Faith

Marta Wawrzyniak-Ijichi - Pink Dream

Heather Bradbury - Extravagant Hope

Kimberley Lund - Snorkel Diaries - Wobbegong Shark

Ynja Gry Bjornsson - Ocean Skin

Gillian Green - untitled (From the Same World)

Nina Volk - Murrindindi Cascades

John Morris - Moon Rising

Saira Ellen K. Spencer - See Sponge

Dino Todorovic - Summer seascape

Samantha Tipler - Symbiotic Radiance

Chris Grist - Crab Tank

Anita Jokovich - First Light

Jacqueline Molina - Spirited Whispers

Ts Zaracostas - Once upon a time there were two mermaids

Larissa Agosti - Dockside Dreaming

Peter Andrews - Bronte Baths Hot Days

Grania Hickley - Water

Pamela J Twomey - The Wake

Cassandra Kearney - Sunday

Aung Win Maung - Yachts at Boatyard, Sydney. NSW.

Zachary Mrakovcic - Lumen Aqua

Kath Wallace - Coal Loader fleeting light

Nopasin Congsomjit - Upsea

Petra Gotthardt - The Magic Of Water

Robyn Mannes - A Thirsty Country

Kristine Ballard - Sunset Returns

Sue Meyer - White Water

Soren Hillis - Hold Fast

Paul Gorjan - Kirribilli

Geoffrey Breen - High tide - Knee Deep

Angelina Athina - Capillary waves

George Fetting - Burleigh #1

Jane Millington - Making These Moments Last

Jiamei Liu - Waterhole

Jude Rose - Ad Aspra per Aspera

Althea Wong - Lost

Simone Hale - Morning Light Booker Bay

Petra Matthews - As I Ebb'd With The Ocean of Life 5

Simon McLean - Weeping Blue

Jane Long - Ink - Emerald II

Morrison Polkinghorne - Sangkae River 4891

Angie Harrison - That which emerges

Linda DryParker - Pink shirt and water views

Fred Fink - Global warming

Carmel McCrow - Chameleon Water

Sarah Low - Fragment

Heather Menzies - Morning Laps - Palm Beach

Genevieve Ginty - The depths of light

Helen Oram - Deep Waters

Joël Richard - If you leave can I come

Robert J Williams - Still Life

Holly Deng - Jewels in the Dark

Fae Ballingall - One More Moment

Matthew Gill - The last days of Summer: A time to reflect

Mai Naito - Deamflum

Naomi Veitch - Afloat in a sea of dreams

Bruce Whatley - So Long Blue

Alexandra Byrne - Cool Clarity of a Barrow Water Winter

Rex Turnbull - Billabong Wooroonoran Mob Country

Ann SkellyWake

Gaia StaraceFrequencies of Water

Linda Olstein - The Creek

Len Chapman - Going Fishing

Leah Ramage - The Bower

Sue Burrows - Chasing Waterfalls

Noah Spivak - we who sit but cannot sit still 

Andrea Holliday - The moon is swimming naked

Jacinta Tomyn - Self Portrait, Natural Observer

Hilary Wardhaugh - Mollymook Beach at dawn

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