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Mixed media on Canvas



My work is the creation of usually large layered abstract paintings. I like each brush stroke to challenge the previous one, the creation of deliberate tension, resistance and intensity is important to me. I might lay down large blocks of colour may be to capture or reflect light, and at other times employ a more subdued palette, so that the under-painting might appear to be attempting to break through to provide a glimpse of a secret world beneath.

I believe a painting has to be instinctive and have a sense of urgency but yet remain precise. If paint runs across a canvas it’s because I’m happy for it to go there or I may have even encouraged it to do so. Every stroke, every line, is intended to leave a record of its journey. I want the works exhibit no fear of exposing their inner selves -the “complexity of construction” if you like, – of how they came to be.


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