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Gurdive’s paintings:Emergence, provide a glimpse into a life held passion of wanting to be a practising artist, denied to her due to cultural beliefs held by her immigrant family and community in 1950s -70s a-tonal England.

Gurdive was raised in the Sikh faith known for its vibrancy, use of strong colours, gold jewellery and traditional embroidered clothing which left an indelible influence on her practice which she ascribes as visceral and intuitive sense of colour.The paintings embody the collision and frisson of east meets west, and the gentle pushing of boundaries that were imposed by culture, heritage, feminism or the self.

Gurdive’s works are colourful, optimistic , layered and often include embellishments such as the drawn line or patterning.

Gurdive’s health related profession included the use of art as a therapeutic milieu and she has completed Fabric Design and Printing and a Diploma of Visual Arts for which she attained a distinction Sydney TAFE.

Osmosis - Gurdive Webster

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