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Oil and Mix media on canvas



Conchita Carambano’s abstract paintings are filled with a textural fusion of light & colour. Her works have a nuance of playfulness with abstracted figures and elements of the natural world etched into the canvas. No canvas is alike even with the restraint of pallet in some works.

An Australian artist of Spanish origin, Conchita’s exquisite multi-layered artworks are akin to a musical dance with colour inspired by a continued interest in the means by which people communicate with each other. Punctuations and tones of voice take on a musical form as Carambano interprets what she hears with dramatic staccato. Applications of colour, tempered with languid trails of delicate lines, drift seductively across the canvas.

Conchita has won numerous awards and prizes throughout her career and her works can be found in significant corporate and private collections throughout Australia & the world.


This technique is inspired by perception. How we see objects or people is often based on our first impressions until we get to know them more and unveil their true character. My paintings are blank until you shine light through them.   Every mistake that is made remains on the artwork and cannot be erased.  This also represents the mistakes we make in our lives and how they become a part of us and are viewed by other people. My intention is to encourage the world to look beyond the first impression. 


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