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Georgie’s paintings are an exploration of life as a collection of fragments, when

woven together, create something profoundly beautiful. Each stroke of colour

represents a piece of the intricate mosaic that forms our existence, reminding us that

even in chaos, there is beauty. The flowers depicted in her artwork, were gifted to

Georgie by loved ones during cancer treatment. These delicate blooms symbolise

resilience, hope, and the strength to rebuild one’s life in the face of adversity.

Through her art, she aims to convey the message that life, like art itself, can be

challenging to decipher. It may seem fragmented, but on closer inspection, one can

discern the inherent beauty that lies within. By appreciating beauty in the fragments,

we learn to embrace life’s complexities and find solace and understanding that

amidst hardship, there is always a thread of beauty to be discovered. Georgie has a

Bachelor of Fine Arts and was a commercial photographer for 20 years.

Blush Coalescence - Georgie Beck

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